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Your boutique hotel in Palermo

They say luxury today lies in simple things.

That a four star hotel can be refined without any glitz, because elegance can be hidden in small details, in a tasteful mix of elements like Sicilian antiques and state-of-the-art design, in an ancient atmosphere exuding research and future.

That five star service relies upon a professional welcome, based on human relations, on listening, on the under standing of your expectations and needs, on genuine smiles, on naturally kind gestures, on real warmth.

That contemporary art must not necessarily admired in museums, because you can actually live close to it and observe it passionately in the place where you work, dream and love.

That the spirit of Palermo hides in poetic corners, adorned with Liberty stone garlands, wooden doors and small cafeterias, art bookshops and florists. That you can walk through life with light steps and slow gestures also when you travel, for work or for pleasure.

CIR: 19082053A200983